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Free Smoke Alarm Program



No one should go to sleep without
the protection of a Smoke Alarm!
Just ask and it's yours!
Please contact us if you need a Free Smoke Alarm to protect your home and family or if know someone else that might.  All we ask is from the people that receive these devices is that they promise to install it immediately, no excuses!  The Home Depot (see below) gave them to us and we are giving them to you...so just make sure to follow the included instructions and install it right away.
            ●  Email us at:  FreeSmokeAlarm@MetuchenFD.com
            ●  Call us at:  732-767-1147    (Non Emergency Only)
We'll drop it off, you can pick it up or other arrangements can be made.  The important thing is that these Free Smoke Alarms get into the hand of the people that need them.



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The Metuchen Fire Department Receives a Donation

of 100 Smoke Alarms from The Home Depot

- December 7th, 2013 -




The Home Depot on Route 1 in Edison exceeded their Fire Safety Sales Goal and was rewarded with 100 Smoke Alarms to be donated to a local fire department.  Several weeks earlier the Metuchen Fire Department assisted the store with a Fire Prevention Demonstration for one of their Kids Saturday Workshop so we were chosen to receive the incredibly generous gift.



 Smoke Alarms Save Lives!



10 Year


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Protect Your

Home & Family

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Install One

On Every



Our goal is to get these very important safety devices into the hands of people who may need them in our community.  Sometimes when things are tough and money is tight, people forgo little things like Smoke Alarms in order to pay other bills or purchase more immediate needs.  Sometimes batteries just go bad or older Smoke Alarms simply stop working and people just don't get around to replacing them.  No matter what the reason, we want to make sure that when every person goes to bed, they are protected my a Smoke Alarm which can alert them to a fire in their home.








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