What We Drive

ENGINE 1 - 2014 Pierce Saber - First Due

Apparatus Type:Class "A" Pumper
Motor:Cummins 450 hp ISL9 Diesel
Crew Size:7 Firefighers
Pump Size:Waterous Single Stage 1500 gallons per minute
Water Tank:750 Gallons

Engine 1 is the Metuchen Fire Departments newest piece of fire apparatus and takes the place of the 1989 Lance which formerly held the same designation. The 1989 Lance has now been re-designated as Engine 4 and replaces the 1970 Mack which has been officially retired.

Engine 1 was designed and built to fulfill its role as our departments "First Due Pumper". With LED lighting, increased pump capacity, the addition of the Husky 3 Class “A” Foam System and new equipment like power saws, a portable generator & BlowHard Ventilation Fan make this vehicle uniquely capable of handling the demands placed on the modern fire service.

The new features and equipment compliment the standard load out which includes; a thermal imaging camera, gas meter, flashlights, air packs, a wide assortment of tools, ground ladders, emergency medical supplies, rescue rope and a variety of fire extinguishers.

ENGINE 2 - 1993 Pierce / Lance

Apparatus Type:Class "A" Pumper
Motor:350 Horse Power Detroit Diesel
Crew Size:9 Firefighers
Pump Size:Waterous Single Stage 1250 gallons per minute
Water Tank:750 Gallons

Engine 2 is "Second Due" to all emergencies within the borough but is also the departments designated "Mutual Aid Engine". This means anytime another community requests assistance from the Metuchen Fire Department, Engine 2 is the one that goes. It carries all the same equipment as Engine 1 with a few additional items since it may be forced to operate out of town independently of the rest of the department's apparatus.

RESCUE 3 - 1996 Pierce / Lance

Apparatus Type:Heavy Rescue Truck
Motor:350 Horse Power Detroit Diesel
Crew Size:6 Firefighers
Generator:35 Kilowatt PTO

Rescue 3 is also known as the departments "Rolling Toolbox" because of the wide variety of tools and equipment it carries. Some of the many missions undertaken by this apparatus include but are not limited to; motor vehicle extrication, rope and confined space rescue, breathing air replenishment, incident command post, ventilation and firefighter rehab. One of the most unique features of this truck is it’s 35’ mast equipped with four 1500 watt flood light used for illuminating emergency scenes at night.

LADDER 5 - 2006 Pierce / Arrow XT

Apparatus Type:Midmount Aerial Platform
Motor:540 Horse Caterpillar Diesel
Crew Size:6 Firefighers
Ladder Type:95' Tower Ladder
Generator:10 Kilowatt PTO
Water Tank:300 Gallons
Pump:Hale Single Stage 2000 gallons per minute

Ladder 5 is the departments' newest and most advanced piece of fire apparatus. Ladder trucks must position themselves so that they can best utilize their aerial device to access windows and foors of buildings for fire attack, ventilation and the rescue of victims. Ladder 5 carries a wide variety of specialized equipment which makes it indispensable at structure fires and other emergencies. A thermal imaging camera, air paks, flashlights, vehicle rescue tools, ventilation fans, power saws, rope rescue gear and numerous ground ladders all make up the vehicle's inventory. This new truck is also equipped with it's own pump, which means it no longer requires an Engine Company to be assigned to supply water for fire suppression duties.

One common misconception is that ladder trucks are only needed for accessing tall buildings, this is not necessarily true. In communites like Metuchen, they are more often needed for their long reach. Since many homes and structures are set back away from the road, the truck's 95' aerial device is often needed to access the upper floors or roofs of these buildings.

ENGINE 4 - 1989 Pierce / Lance

Apparatus Type:Class “A” Pumper
Motor:350 Horse Power Detroit Diesel
Crew Size:9 Firefighers
Pump Size:1250 gallons per minute
Water Tank:750 Gallons

Engine 4 served as the Metuchen Fire Department's “First Due Pumper”, since 1989, when it replaced the 1970 Mack. In 2014, it was re-designated as “Engine 4”. It's replacement was the new Pierce Saber, which took over the first due role, as Engine 1.

Equipped with the basics needed to attack a fire, Engine 4 now serves a valuable position as our department's “Flex Engine”. When any other apparatus goes out of service for maintenance or repair, it is capable of fulfilling that trucks mission. Specialty equipment like thermal imaging cameras, gas meters, hydraulic rescue tools, ventilation fans, portable generators or other grear can be transferred to allow the MFD to maintain full mission capability.

Engine 4 is also equipped with an “around the pump” Class “B” Foam System and boasts a seventy (70) gallon tank of AFFF foam concentrate which is mixed with water to fight flammable liquid fires such as those involving gasoline or diesel fuel.

UNIT 9 - 2013 Ploaris Ranger

Type:Auto Transmission with Selective 4WD
Motor:44 HP Gasoline Engine
Crew Size:4 Firefighers

Unit 9 is our All Terrain Multi-Purpose Response Vehicle, and it has Proven incredibly useful over years. Designed to fill multiple roles, it can have equipment added or removed based on the mission at hand. Brush fires in remote areas or along the Green Way, covering public events, supporting environmental cleanup details, and even snow plowing the Green Way and fire department parking lot are all standard duty for this vehicle.

The best part is, the vehicle and all equipment onboard were donated to the Metuchen Fire Department. Our good friends over at Cross Country Power Sports in Metuchen and the generous donations of local residents and businesses made it possible.

THE MACK - 1970 CF Mack (Retired 2014)

Apparatus Type:Class “A” Pumper
Motor:276 Horse Power Gasoline
Crew Size:4 Firefighers
Pump Size:100 gallons per minute
Water Tank:500 Gallons

The Mack served our community for 44 years and was finally retired in 2014. The best news is that we were contacted by a newly established fire department in Alabama that needs fire equipment, so we donated the Mack and some older out of service tools to help them get started.

Service Life: Engine 1 from 1970 to 1989, Engine 4 from 1889 to 2014 and with any luck our friends in Alabama will get another bunch of years out of it.

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